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Crawford County Refocus STAP

The Achievement Center is offering a Summer Therapeutic Activities Program (STAP) for children ages 6-11 with ADHD or Oppositional Defiant Disorder.

The Refocus STAP includes structured activities, outdoor games and off-site field trips in the community. This program aims to improve social and coping skills in a fun and engaging, therapeutic setting.

Program Details:
The program runs for 8 weeks: June 19 - August 11, Monday through Friday.
Children attend from 8:30am-3:30pm daily and lunch is provided.
Refocus STAP is located on the Allegheny College Campus.
County Medial Assistance transportation is available, if needed.

Spots are limited. Applications are due by May 15, 2017 and can be submitted to our Meadville Office at 18257 industrial Drive.

Contact our STAP Supports Coordinator, Aime Oakley, 814-459-2755 ext.1294