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For 95 years, the Achievement Center of LECOM Health has provided quality therapeutic services to children and families across the region. Our programs are designed to meet the unique needs of children and adolescents who are experiencing emotional, social, physical or behavioral challenges.

Our mission is to maximize the potential of each of the 3,100 children we serve each year.


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Serving more than 3,100 children each year, the Achievement Center of LECOM Health helps children and young adults to maximize their potential. With a variety of therapeutic services for children, from birth to age 21, the Achievement Center of LECOM Health has expanded and grown to help children and families in Erie, Crawford, Forest, and Warren, Pennsylvania.


Our Services

The Achievement Center of LECOM Health is a leading provider of quality therapeutic services for children ages birth to young adulthood. We offer 15 distinct programs staffed by highly skilled, qualified, and compassionate individuals who are leaders in their clinical fields.


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In order to continue providing the children we serve with the highest quality of care, we need your support. Your generosity makes it possible for us to fund our programs and services that benefit thousands of children each year.

πŸ’™"I carry him.

I know it looks silly; his toes dangle past my knees. He’s getting tall and heavy, too. It sometimes hurts my back to lift his frame, but, I carry him.

It starts in the morning when waking up is hard. I should make him walk down the stairs, as it’s still something he is working on in physical therapy.
But with his sleepy eyes and tired heart, he doesn’t want to start off his day with a task.

So, I carry him.

He works hard to get off the school bus. One hand on the rail and down three large steps with care. He takes my hand and can’t wait to go inside to play. But, I make him go to the bathroom first. He doesn’t want to pause. I kneel down, give him a hug, and a reassuring word.

Then, I carry him.

At the end of the day, when we’ve worked on manners at the table and holding his utensils with the correct grasp, sometimes he is so done. And there is still the bathing, teeth brushing, and getting dressed to do. From the table and up the stairs we go.

Sometimes, I carry him.

The world moves fast and demands so much from all of us. I imagine with my son’s age and disability, it is often more exhausting. He’s directed and redirected, pushed and pulled throughout the day. There are times when he’s had enough. That’s when I carry his awkwardly long body against my own short one. Because sometimes, we all need someone to carry us to get us through the next hard thing, to love us through our good, bad, and weak moments.

When he’s reached his limit, I’m close to my own. But when I carry him, he somehow carries me, too."


Credit: Jillian Benfield
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Trust the journey. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘€πŸ‘‚πŸΎ ... See MoreSee Less

Trust the journey. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘€πŸ‘‚πŸΎ


7 Days of Play
A writing tray is easily erasable, adaptable, reusable, and whole lot of fun! πŸ‘Œ Here’s what you need:
βœ… A tray (aff link: amzn.to/3gyJVhi or amzn.to/3cQtgmc)
βœ… A writing tool (we used a paint brush!)
βœ… sensory base (we used rainbow rice, but sand, salt, sprinkles, and shaving cream are just a few of the many different sensory bases you could use). Read on below for how I made our rainbow rice!
βœ… Alphabet cards (can be as simple as writing it down on paper. I printed letters from the computer and laminated them so we can reuse time and time again).I also created a little stand for the cards within the tray by taping two chopsticks together! πŸ₯’
• 1 cup rice
• 1/2 tsp white vinegar or 1/2 tsp water
• Good squirt of liquid water color (aff. link: bit.ly/2znbnO0)
(1) In a reusable container with a lid, add rice, vinegar (or water!), and food coloring
(2) Shake shake shake! Shake until the color spreads and colors the rice. If the color is not vibrant enough, now’s the time to add some more food coloring and shake some more!
(3) Spread your rice out on a plate or baking sheet to air dry. It could take up to an hour to dry. (Waiting is the trickiest part!)
(4)Rinse out the plastic container and repeat for desired colors!
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