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  • Posted Jan. 23, 2019

    Read Across America Day 2019

    On Friday, March 1, 2019 the Achievement Center will host its 4th annual Read Across America Day celebration.  This event is a yearly tradition put together by Reading NOW, the Achievement Center’s full-service literacy center.

  • Posted Nov. 27, 2018

    Client Experience: Jericho Chadsey & Nikki Woodworth

    Jericho and his family receive services from our EI department. Below is their story! 

  • Posted Nov. 23, 2018

    Early Intervention - A Coaching Model

    The Achievement Center’s Early Intervention program provides services and support to children from birth to age three. These services include physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and specialized instruction for education and behavior.

  • Posted Nov. 20, 2018

    New Employee Welcome Spotlight: Katy Adamus

    Katy Adamus has recently joined us at the Achievement Center in our EI department.

  • Posted Nov. 20, 2018

    Employee Spotlight: Kelly Cooney

    Hilary Hobbs nominated Kelly Cooney from the EI department for an employee spotlight!

  • Posted Nov. 19, 2018

    A Day in the Life of: Elaine Ghazinour

    Elaine Ghazinour is an EI clinician celebrating her 20th year at the Achievement Center! 

  • Posted Sep. 19, 2018

    Employee Spotlight: Stacey Piper

    Nicole Wells nominated Stacey Piper for her outstanding work! 

  • Posted Sep. 18, 2018

    A Day in the Life of: Tami Krzeszewski-Conway, Community Schools Director

    Tami Krzeszewski-Conway is the Community Schools Director for Edison Elementary School. Below, Tami goes into detail on what a community schools director does, day-to-day! 

  • Posted Sep. 17, 2018

    Client Experience: Community Schools

    Edison student, Ammar Aloush spent his summer giving back to the school and building his confidence! Read about how he gave back below:

  • Posted Aug. 27, 2018

    Client Experience: FBMH Family

    Below is a client testimonial of a child and their parents who currently receive services from our Family Based Mental Health program. 

  • Posted Aug. 24, 2018

    Employee Spotlight: Ada Strasser

    Ada Strasser, an employee at the Achievement Center for 30 years, was nominated this month as an outstanding employee! 

  • Posted Aug. 23, 2018

    The Importance of Self Care at the AC

    The Family Based Mental Health department strives to provide quality treatment to the clients and families we serve. 

  • Posted Aug. 21, 2018

    New Employee Welcome Spotlight: Lindey Kuvshinikov

    Caron Drop recognizes Lindey Kuvshinikov as a new employee, doing an outstanding job! 

  • Posted Aug. 15, 2018

    Employee Spotlight: Mary Kittell

    Mary Kittell is an employee at our Warren office location and was nominated by Tara McQuaid as an outstanding team member! 

  • Posted Aug. 14, 2018

    New Community School Partnership: Elk Valley Elementary

    As proud current partners of the Community Schools initiative in Erie County, the Achievement Center is pleased to expand our involvement through being selected as the lead partner at Elk Valley Elementary School in Girard School District. 

  • Posted Jul. 05, 2018

    Dyslexia: Common Myths Busted

    Dyslexia is a complicated disability in that many myths about this challenge exist. 

  • Posted Jun. 29, 2018

    Highmark Walk for a Healthy Community

    Thank you to all of our staff and donors who helped make the 2018 Highmark Walk for a Healthy Community a great success! 

  • Posted Jun. 27, 2018

    Client Experience: Reading NOW Tutoring

    A client testimonial on the services their child received from the Achievement Center. 

  • Posted Jun. 19, 2018

    Employee Celebrating 30 Years at the Achievement Center!

    Join us in congratulating Ada Strasser for 30 years at the Achievement Center! 

  • Posted Jun. 15, 2018

    Beat the Summer Slide!

    Reading NOW is a full-service literacy center within the Achievement Center that provides educational programs and services for children from babies to high school seniors. 

  • Posted Jun. 11, 2018

    Achievement Center Employee Anniversaries

    Congratulations to many of our employees who are celebrating milestone anniversaries! 

  • Posted Jun. 05, 2018

    Summer Programming – Outpatient Mental Health Groups

    Every day, there are families in our community struggling with their child's mental health disorder or serious behavioral concerns. Although our society is more educated today about mental health issues than ever before, the stigma of having a diagnosis still exists. This stigma often keeps parents silent about their child's struggles.

  • Posted May. 23, 2018

    Mental Health – Overcoming the Stigma

    What does mental illness mean to you?

  • Posted Mar. 01, 2016

    ACTive Parenting: Life Changing Service Now Offered

    For years, treatments for children with significant behavior challenges have focused solely on "fixing" the child. Today, through a wealth of research and evidence-based practices, we understand that greater success is possible when the process also involves parents and works to develop their skills and acknowledges their fears, struggles and concerns.