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Warren County Office

"Jayna was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) at a young age. The BHRS staff at the Achievement Center supported us by teaching our family about her diagnosis and showing us strategies that we now use daily to increase her communication and social skills. She has made significant gains and we are very proud of her accomplishments," shared Danell, Jayna's mother.

Having settled into a new home at 305 North State Street, the Warren office continues to evolve as more families seek out the support of the Achievement Center's services. With a strong emphasis on meeting the behavioral and mental health needs of the community's youth, services offered include: Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services, Family Based Mental Health and Summer Therapeutic Activity Programs.

Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services (BHRS) are driven by the unique values, strengths and needs of each individual child. BHRS offers the following supports:

  • Behavioral Specialist Consulting (BSC)
  • Mobile Therapy (MT)
  • Therapeutic Staff Support (TSS)

Family Based Mental Health - a team of two therapists works with the child and family to enable children with serious emotional and behavioral concerns to remain at home with their family through intensive treatment and support.

Summer Treatment Activity Programs (STAP) – the Achievement Center currently offers two summer therapeutic opportunities for children, an ADHD STAP and an Autism STAP.

The ADHD Summer Therapeutic Activity Program (STAP) is designed for children, ages 6-14 who have an ADHD diagnosis, to improve self-regulation, social skills development and emotional functioning.

The Autism Summer Therapeutic Activity Program (STAP) provides a structured and therapeutic environment for children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Daily activities are planned to hone social skills and help children learn and practice new skills and strategies to help create a better quality of life at home, at school and in their community.