Leadership Staff Team

Cassie Dundon, LPC
Executive Director

Email: CassieDundon@AchievementCtr.org

Phone: 814-616-0517

Robert Bearfield, MA
Director of Mental Health Services

Email: RobertBearfield@Achievementctr.org

Phone: 814-616-0527

Cindy Bonniger, BA
Chief Human Resource Officer

Email: CindyBonniger@achievementctr.org

Phone: 814-616-0505

Brandon Boyd
Director of Marketing and Communications

Email: BrandonBoyd@AchievementCtr.org

Phone: 814-616-0546

Caron Drop, MA
Director of FBMH

Email: CaronDrop@AchievementCtr.org

Phone: 814-616-0553

Kelly English
Director of BCM

Email: KellyEnglish@achievementctr.org

Phone: 814.616.0520

Lisa Fickenworth, MBA
Senior Director of Quality Management / Ombudsman

Email: LisaFickenworth@AchievementCtr.org

Phone: 814-616-0569

Danielle Garris, PhD
Chief Clinical Officer

Email: DanielleGarris@AchievementCtr.org

Phone: 814-616-0503

Kristen Keene
Director of Early Intervention

Email: KristenKeene@AchievementCtr.org

Phone: 814-616-0536

Tara McQuaid, MS, LBS, BCBA
Regional Director and IBHS Director

Email: TaraMcQuaid@AchievementCtr.org

Phone: 814-807-5057

Heather Salter, ABA
Executive Assistant / Administrative Supervisor

Email: HeatherSalter@Achievementctr.org

Phone: 814-616-0506

Janet Wittmann, MAcc
Chief Financial Officer

Email: JanetWittmann@achievementctr.org

Phone: 814-616-0530