About Me: Heather Salter

Heather Salter, ABA
Executive Assistant / Administrative Supervisor

Email: HeatherSalter@AchievementCtr.org


My “Why”:

Working at ACLH is beyond valuable.

I’ve been with the Achievement Center for over 12 years. During my tenure, I’ve held several positions with significant growth within the agency. My colleagues make me feel respected, recognized, and valued. My work is meaningful as my team provides support for the people who take care of the children and families we serve. Playing an integral role in moving mission forward remains at the forefront of each day. Our leadership is approachable, kind, understanding and the most experienced experts in their fields. There is something new to learn every day and with each challenge comes a great reward. It is a great honor to be on this journey with such amazing staff, leadership, stakeholders, and of course, all those we are dedicated to helping to achieve.


What I’ve Achieved:

Education Experience:

Certified Professional Supervisor, MBA; Associate’s Degree in Business Administration

Previous Work Experience:

Administration, Executive Assistant, Operations Assistant, Care Manager, Event Planning, Photography, Account Manager, Scheduler, Reception, Medical Billing, Authorization Manager, Community Outreach, Religious Education Teacher, Volunteer