We’re so glad you’re here to learn more about all that we do! The Achievement Center of LECOM Health has been a staple of behavioral health services in northwestern Pennsylvania for 100 years. Our experienced staff, dedication to our craft, and our compassion for others allows us to make life-changing services available when and where they are needed most. As an organization, we are dedicated to providing high-quality, resilience-oriented services and supports at one of our locations or in your home, school, or community. Our team goes ‘above and beyond’ in ensuring families receive the best possible care.

Whether you’re someone in need of services or a person looking to start or continue a career to provide those services, there’s a place for everyone at the Achievement Center of LECOM Health.

There are often a lot of questions when navigating the behavioral health world:

    • “Which service is right for my situation?”
    • “How do I get started?”
    • “What can I expect when I reach out for help?”
  • Where there is help, there is always hope – we believe our website helps to answer the above questions and more, making your behavioral health journey more approachable and less overwhelming.

    Of course, you can reach out to us by phone or email to answer any remaining unanswered questions you may have.

    For us, we have one question of our own for you:

    What will you achieve?


    Cassie Dundon, LPC
    Executive Director

    Email: CassieDundon@AchievementCtr.org