Alphabet Yoga:

1…2…3….Get up and MOVE! 

Movement and Physical Activity has many benefits:

  1. Encourages creativity
  2. Improves sleep
  3. Address coordination and movement control
  4. Promotes cognitive development
  5. Combats anxiety and depression

Life can be stressful and overwhelming for all of us at times – and children are not immune to this.

While movement is always beneficial in many ways, it is especially beneficial and important as we navigate this novel time in our world. Children’s schedules and routines have been changed and physical activity can be an outlet.

Activities like ABC yoga can provide ‘brain breaks’ for kids – a way to move and have fun while silently addressing other important areas such as motor development and mental health. Movement helps wake the brain up and prepare for learning, so brain breaks in the middle of sedentary activity, like schoolwork packets or media time, can help kids learn better.

For younger kids, World Health Organization recommends 180 minutes of physical activity each day for overall physical and mental health and wellbeing. Activities like this can help kids work on multiple areas of development at once while staying active.

So grab your yoga mat and your little ones! Join Achievement Center of LECOM Health Early Intervention Physical Therapist, Hillarie Benedict, for alphabet yoga! Click here for video!