Continued Mission Delivery:

Undeniably, the COVID-19 crisis has had an impact on every part of your life – both personally and professionally.

Vulnerable. Uncertain. Overwhelmed. Stressed.

Perhaps you’ve felt those feelings first-hand as you try to navigate your daily life these past few weeks.

During the best of times, the Achievement Center of LECOM Health plays a critical role in the lives of thousands of children and families helping them in a myriad of ways. In times of stress, like now, individuals with mental health challenges can be especially vulnerable.

While we continue to navigate this uncharted territory, we are so grateful to have the dedication of so many compassionate staff members devoted to helping children and their families. The Achievement Center of LECOM Health remains operational and is continuing mission delivery via phone and video platforms. Our passionate and resilient staff members are bravely continuing to provide optimal, life-essential services as vulnerable clients and caregivers continue life in quarantine.

Hope. Relief. Peace. Progress.

Though this is a challenging and stressful time for many, the Achievement Center of LECOM Health is committed to helping children and families achieve success in their daily lives now, and in the future.

We’re all in this together.