Meditation and Mindfulness:

During this unprecedented and unpredictable time, many children and families may find it hard to find peace of mind. Although we are all in this together, sometimes it’s easy to feel alone.

The ability to continue face-to-face sessions through telehealth service delivery allows clinicians to maintain strong therapeutic relationships with families. Our clinical staff members are very passionate and continue to find ways to connect with their clients through this new virtual reality. One way to help manage challenging feelings is through mindfulness and meditation guided activities.

When we focus on mindfulness, we center ourselves to be fully present and aware. While mindfulness is something we all naturally possess, it’s more readily available to us when we practice on a regular basis.

Pictured below, Kasey Hilinski, Family Based Mental Health Worker, continues to support and maintain calming thoughts with all of the families he helps each day by offering mindfulness and meditation activities.

Although telehealth may not be someone’s preferred method of therapy, Kasey is grateful to have the option to continue this important work for our community during this challenging time.