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Achievement Center Announces Expansion of Services in the Corry Area

Posted Sep. 01, 2017

The Achievement Center is pleased to announce the expansion of child-centered, family-focused services in the Corry area through a partnership with Community Care Behavioral Health Organization (CCBH) and the Corry Area School District. This new initiative, Community and School Based Behavioral Health Team Services (CSBBH), brings additional voluntary mental health services for children into the school, community and home. With a common mission to support the needs of the Corry community, these three partners will work together to support students with behavioral and/or emotional challenges.

Diane Lyle, Associate Clinical Manager at CCBH explained the CSBBH team and partnership with the Achievement Center. "This is a voluntary service that will be available to Corry Elementary students and their families as an alternative to existing school-based services. Treatment is strength-based, individualized to address the family's particular needs and teach a child new ways to better manage feelings and behaviors. Services are provided in the school, home and community environments. The team will be comprised of a number of licensed master's prepared therapists and bachelor's level prepared staff who work together to serve a flexible caseload of students and their families. Since CSBBH Teams are based in the school, they have the ability to coordinate closely with school staff and compliment school-district interventions."

Achievement Center's Director of Psychological Services, Bill Kohler, is excited about the partnership and the additional support available to families. "The CSBBH team will develop the child's treatment plan with the school staff and the family. Services will be available during school hours, in the evenings, on weekends and during non-school times including the summer months."

This new mental health service will be available in October of 2017 at Corry Elementary School for children and youth with severe emotional and/or behavioral problems which interfere with their day-to-day functioning and overall success. Treatment focuses on the needs and strengths of the family and the child and promotes overall health and wellness.

In addition to the CSBBH partnership, the Achievement Center is also excited to announce an expansion of services through a move of our Corry office to a new location at 29 W South Street, in the old Rex Theatre. The new office space offers operational efficiencies, opportunities for collaboration and support among therapists and room for future growth to better serve the Corry community.