Physical Therapy Top Ten List

  1. EARLY INTERVENTION has adopted the COACHING MODEL over the last several years so tele-intervention has come quite naturally. Here is how it works –  I DO, WE DO, YOU DO!
  2. PHYSICAL THERAPISTS are highly skilled VISUAL observers of posture, alignment, muscle activity, tone, and movement so with “only” our eyes on a child, we can be very effective at guiding successful interventions.
  3. There is an ideal window in the first year of life for treatment of the common diagnoses of Torticollis (tight neck) and Plagiocephaly (misshapen head). The sooner these are addressed with PHYSICAL THERAPY, the better the outcomes, including resolution of the diagnoses and improvement of motor skill development.
  4. The gross motor / big body skill building of a baby in the first year is rapid and is the primary way we are able to observe development happening. Gross motor development / big body skill is KEY in all other areas of development. PHYSICAL THERAPY COACHING MODEL will help you learn how to teach your baby to roll, sit up, crawl and walk!
  5. Helping your own child move with PHYSICAL THERAPY COACHING yields a great amount of parent confidence, joy, and satisfaction. YOU bring the MAGIC!
  6. PHYSICAL THERAPY and MOVEMENT equals whole body wellness – a “get up and go” attitude, strength, flexibility, endurance, and happy energy from moving your body!
  7. PHYSICAL THERAPISTS have a high degree of MEDICAL training as ALLIED HEALTH PROFESSIONALS. We can help answer questions or help you make decisions about other referrals (Orthopaedics, Orthotics, Neurology, Genetics, Cardio/Pulmonology, Ophthalmology, Ear / Nose / Throat, Psychology)
  8. Our ACHIEVEMENT CENTER – PHYSICAL THERAPY – EARLY INTERVENTION Team has 4 DPTs (Doctor of Physical Therapy) and over 50 years combined experience.
  9. Our ACHIEVEMENT CENTER – PHYSICAL THERAPY – EARLY INTERVENTION Team has additional certifications or special interests in: NDT – Pediatric Certified (NeuroDevelopmental Treatment), CEIM (Certified Educator of Infant Massage), Doula Trained, Pregnancy and Postpartum PT Intervention Trained, Kidding Around Yoga Certified, Rock Tape (kinesiology taping) and Infant Mental Health.
  10. PHYSICAL THERAPY with babies and young children will include Play and Triumph leading to Positive Transformation!