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Bike Riding Program

Available in Erie County

You've heard the phrase, "It's just like riding a bike." Sounds easy, doesn't it? But for some children, bike riding takes lots of practice. As a parent, you may be helping your child learn how to ride their first bike.

The Achievement Center offers an opportunity for children, ages 7 and up, to go beyond training wheels.

The Physical Rehabilitation Department conducts a four-week Bike Riding Program for children who are currently able to ride a bike with training wheels but are having difficulty learning to ride without them.

The bike riding program utilizes a series of activities on-and-off the bike. A parent must be available to stay with their child during the training sessions. The program addresses the two-wheel bike basics: balance, pedaling, steering, turning and safety. Training sessions are limited to eight children per session.

For more information about our bike riding program, please contact Laura Plasczynski, M.S., Director of Rehabilitation and Early Childhood Services, by email: or call (814) 459-2755 or 814-616-0536.