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Recreational Therapy Services

In addition to occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy, the Achievement Center's physical rehabilitation program offers a robust schedule of recreational therapy opportunities for children and teens with physical disabilities. With the guidance of a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist, children and teens can get involved in a variety of activities that help to increase independence, promote health and well-being, and reduce or even eliminate limitations. By further developing each individual's skills in a variety of community based settings, participants not only build confidence but cultivate lasting friendships.

Therapeutic Recreation services include:

  • Adapted Sports Program - the Achievement Center maintains a full calendar of activities offered throughout the year for children and teens participating in the adapted sports program. Some of these activities include:
    • Wheelchair basketball
    • Wheelchair soccer
    • Sled Hockey
    • Swimming
    • Adapted Baseball
    • Water sports
    • Bike Camp
    • Fishing
    • Track & Field
  • Winners on Wheels (WOW)
  • Achiever's Club
  • Teen Group
  • Cooking Group
  • Family Program

"The Therapeutic Recreation and WOW programs at the Achievement Center have been wonderful for our son, Henry. They have provided opportunities for him to experience new things, develop new skills and make new friends. These programs are like no other. They fill the gaps for kids who aren't able to participate on traditional sports teams. But the program is much more than just athletics. These services provide a safe, accepting environment that has given Henry the confidence to explore his own abilities, stretching himself to try new things and experience achievement and success," said Monica, mother of Henry, a program participant.