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Summer Therapeutic Opportunities

The 2018 Summer Outpatient Group Therapy Offerings will include:
BrainWise, Interpersonal Effectiveness, and Music Therapy. 

1) BrainWise -  Target Population: Children age 6-11 who need to learn social and emotional regulation skills, goal setting and decision-making skills, and managing impulsivity. Overview: It's been used for mood disorders, ADHD, conduct/behavioral disorders, anxiety disorders, and even in prevention services. Certain behaviors are expected during different developmental stages of life. The BrainWise program recognizes how students think and works with (not against) the mental and emotional realities common in children. A key characteristic of the BrainWise program is that it centers on a teaching method that doesn’t tell students what to do, but instead asks questions that help them think about what should be done and why.

2) Interpersonal Effectiveness - Target Population: Children age 9-12 with an ASD diagnosis or a child without said diagnosis displaying social impairment. Overview: This group will explore communication skills and building appropriate relationships, as well as appropriate expression of feelings and emotions. 

3) Music Therapy - Target Population: Children age 6-11 and children age 12 and up. Overview: Music Therapy is an evidenced-based, data-driven field that uses components of music to reach non-musical, clinical goals. It focuses on increasing appropriate emotional expression, identifying emotions accurately in others, and identifying emotional triggers to develop effective coping skills. This is often facilitated through interventions like active music-making, lyric analysis, songwriting, and music-guided relaxation techniques. Developing rapport with the therapists and group members is an essential component to an individual’s progress so consistent attendance is encouraged.

The group format allows for maximum benefit for its participants as both individual and interpersonal goals can be addressed simultaneously. By working together, group members not only improve symptoms and concerns associated with their diagnosis or struggles; they also learn to build trust with each other and to share their feelings and successes. The group process therefore builds self-esteem, social-connections, and hope for a better future.

For more information about the Achievement Center or to register for services, please call the Intake and Client Services Department at 814.459.2755.