Autism Services

Has your child displayed communication problems or has trouble expressing his or her wants and needs?

Does your child experience problems in social situations such as avoiding other people, having difficulty initiating or maintaining conversations, or is unable to engage in meaningful play?

Have you noticed your child displaying unusual behavior/personality traits such as preferring to play alone, repeating certain actions, and/or has unusually long temper tantrums?

The Achievement Center of LECOM Health’s Autism services offers families and professionals access to treatment that is founded in evidence-based practice and is accepted as the gold standard of best practices in the field of autism intervention. Our services are designed to meet the unique needs of every child, family, agency or school, regardless of geographic location.

Autism Services include:

Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services (BHRS): Available in Erie, Crawford, Warren, and Forest Counties. This program is typically provided by Behavior Analytic Services in the form of a BSC. In cases where additional mental health concerns overlap with Autism, the services can also include traditional Mental Health services.

Traditional MH services would be provided by a Mobile Therapist that has expertise with the ASD population. The Mobile Therapist provides in-home psychotherapy for the child and family.

Behavior Analytic Services would be provided by a Behavior Specialist Consultant and would focus on changing how the parent, teacher, or caregiver responds to the problematic behavior being displayed by the child diagnosed with ASD. The BSC also routinely works on skill building in the areas of communication and social skills.

Therapeutic Staff Support (TSS) extends the work of the BSC by supporting the parent, teacher, or caregiver in the implementation of the treatment plan. The main duty of a TSS is to transfer the skills outlined in the treatment plan to the natural adult caregiver.

Outpatient Mental Health Services: Outpatient Mental Health provides individual, group, and family psychotherapy, psychiatric evaluation, and medication management to children diagnosed with ASD. Outpatient MH Services can also focus on autism-specific social skills needs via peer group therapy sessions.

Additional Consulting Services: Available in and beyond the northwest Pennsylvania region. Master level staff from Behavior Analytic Services (BAS) can also provide individual, classroom, or school/agency-level consultation and training on a variety of topics related to ASD. These include functional behavior assessment, positive behavior supports, functional communication training, social skills assessments and curricula, classroom management strategies, and discrete trial instruction.

For more information or to refer a child for services, please contact the Achievement Center of LECOM Health’s Intake Department.