Early Intervention Services

The first years of a child’s life are critical to their future development. From birth to age three, children learn and develop at the highest rate. By addressing concerns about development as early as possible, the Achievement Center of LECOM Health’s Early Intervention team, with a combined 250 years of experience, can help give your child a great start to a bright future.

As an Early Intervention (EI) provider, we understand helping children at an early age can add to their success later in life. Early Intervention services provide the support some young children need to help reach important developmental milestones. Whether there is a diagnosis received shortly after birth or a concern about a child’s development at any point during the toddler years, our team of experienced therapists can help meet these individual needs.

Our EI team is comprised of occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech/language pathologists and specialized instructors for cognition, behavior, and audiology. Together, we support the following areas of development:

  • Physical Skills – fine & gross motor skills, strength, coordination and balance
  • Cognitive Skills – thinking, learning, problem solving, and following directions
  • Communication – talking, listening, understanding
  • Social/emotional – playing, interacting, feeling secure and confident
  • Self-help/Adaptive – feeding/eating, dressing and sensory processing

For more information or to refer a child for Early Intervention services, please call 814-616-0536 or our main desk at 814-459-2755.


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