Family Based Mental Health

Available in Erie, Crawford, and Warren counties

“Our family is stronger now because of their support.”

When families experience challenges, parents and care-givers often feel their strength being tested. Working through difficult times with a child or teen that is struggling with a serious mental health issue or behavioral concern, can often leave parents feeling overwhelmed and alone. The Achievement Center of LECOM Health’s Family Based Mental Health program provides support to families and is often the lifeline to helping families becoming stronger and more self-sufficient.

The goal of Family Based Mental Health is to keep the family together. Services are often recommended if a child is at risk for an out-of-home placement or if they need support as they return home from a treatment facility. The Achievement Center of LECOM Health’s Family Based Mental Health therapists are highly trained and experienced to work successfully with children and families in crisis.

Services include: Structural Family Therapy, Eco-Systemic Family Therapy, Family Service Support Funds, case management, 24 hour-a-day availability and crisis/safety plan development.

Our teams work to:

  • Help strengthen and keep families together
  • Help families learn new problem-solving skills
  • Improve coping skills of all family members
  • Teach parenting skills and new ways to effectively manage a child’s behavior
  • Advocate for children in the school and the community
  • Assist families in connecting with other needed resources and services

For more information or to make a referral, please contact:

In Erie County: Caron Drop 814-616-0553

In Crawford County: Bill Gunsallus 814-724-1331 ext. 106

In Warren County: Mike Gustafson 814-434-9057