LECOM Health Connect



LECOM Health Connect is currently available for Outpatient and Psychiatric Services. Other services are coming soon!


Introducing LECOM Health Connect, the newest app for Behavioral Health services offered at the Achievement Center of LECOM Health! LECOM Health Connect is a secure online patient portal. You can access your health information any time, anywhere with an internet connection. Our first priority is patient privacy and the safety of patient information. Our patient portal can also make it easier for you to participate in managing your health care and has several features for your convenience. You will be able to use a computer or mobile device to view, track and update your personal health record. You can also receive notifications via email or text for upcoming appointments and updated medical information. 

With LECOM Health Connect, we make it easier than ever to stay connected and manage your health. This revolutionary app will change the way you interact with us and make it easier than ever to do tasks like:

  • Fill out forms
  • Upload documents
  • Connect directly & easily with your provider for telehealth appointments
  • Make a payment

You’ll also be able to receive text (SMS) and/or e-mail reminders for your appointments!


We will soon be introducing options to request medication refills and schedule your appointments RIGHT IN THE APP, so be sure to download the app at your app store (links at the top of this page) of choice and be ready to go!

What We Need From You

  • To use LECOM Health Connect, we have to have your email on file. You can give us your email address by telling your provider at your next appointment, or by emailing us your name and email address to support@lecombh.org
  • Don’t forget to download the app to your phone! It is available via Apple’s App Store or the Google Play Store

New to LECOM Health Connect? Getting started today is as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Get started: Download the app or visit the website.
  2. Set up: Click “Log into Your Account” and then “Sign Up” to access LECOM Health Connect
  3. Connect: Answer a series of questions to create a username and password to get connected. Use the same email that you have given your provider.

Already an existing LECOM Health Connect user?

When you download the LECOM Health Connect app, your username and password will remain the same and all of your information will be available. You will be able to set up a unique pin, fingerprint and facial recognition from the log-in screen or in your account settings.

I forgot my password 

Go to https://connect.lecombh.org and select “Forgot Password”

Virtual Visits Through LECOM Health Connect

What is Telehealth?  

Telehealth lets you see your providers using video on your computer or phone, so you don’t have to travel. You can see, hear, and talk to your provider online, just like you’re there with them. You can be at home for your appointment and even have someone with you, like a family member or friend.

Am I eligible for a telehealth visit?  

Check with your provider to see if telehealth services are an option for you.

How Do I Do a Telehealth Visit?  

A telehealth visit is like a normal provider’s appointment, but you use a camera to see your provider on a screen. You’ll get a text or email with a link to start the video call. For the visit, you need:

  • A computer with a camera and microphone, or
  • A smartphone or tablet.

Our office will call you before your appointment to explain everything and let you know when you’ll get the link. When it’s time, just click the link, allow your camera and microphone, and then you’ll be ready to talk with your provider. Make sure you have a good Wi-Fi connection and your device is charged. Using headphones can help avoid sound problems.

Why is Telehealth Great?  

Telehealth is super helpful, especially if you live far from your provider or in a place with not many providers. It lets you:

  • Stay in your community.
  • Save time and money on traveling.
  • Miss less work or school.
  • Stay away from germs if you get sick easily.

Is Telehealth Private?  

Yes, it’s just as private as seeing your provider in person. Only you and your healthcare team can hear and see your visit.

Does Telehealth Cost Money?

You’ll get a bill for your Telehealth visit, just like a regular provider’s visit. Most insurance plans cover it, but you should ask your insurance company to be sure. Remember, if you have a big health emergency, go to the emergency room or call 911.

Messaging Your Provider and Care Team

Can I message my provider? 

Yes, you can send a secure message to your doctor if you’ve seen them in the last three years. Just click the contact us button for non-urgent health questions. Someone from your healthcare team will reply within three business days. Remember, don’t use this for new health problems or big emergencies – for those, make an appointment or call 911.

LECOM Health Connect cannot be used to receive a diagnosis. Please schedule an appointment to address a new health issue.

If you are experiencing an urgent medical problem, call 911 or your physician’s office immediately. 

Will I get billed for messages? 

No. You will not get billed for messages. This is a free service offered to our clients.

What if I have questions about my bill or need financial assistance? 

For billing information, please contact (814) 616-0509 for the Achievement Center of LECOM Health or Corry Counseling of LECOM Health or email support@lecombh.org. You can also call the Support Team at (814) 923-9236 and they will direct you to the correct contact.

General FAQs

Do I have to pay to join the portal? 

No, you don’t have to pay anything to join the portal. It’s totally free to create an account and register! Just give us your email address, and we’ll invite you to join LECOM Health Connect.

Is my personal information safe on the portal? 

Yes, LECOM Health Connect works hard to keep your medical records safe using the latest security methods. Like with any online account, you should follow these tips to help keep your data secure:

  • Never share your username or password.
  • If you write down your password, hide it well.
  • Change your password every 1-2 months.
  • Be careful with password managers; they can be hacked.
  • Regularly check your account to make sure everything looks right.
  • Be careful not to use public Wi-Fi for your account.
  • Watch out for people trying to peek at your screen in public places.
  • If your computer might have a virus, don’t use your account.
  • Use antivirus software and a firewall.
  • Make sure the website starts with “https” in the address bar.
  • If your email is hacked, let us know right away.
  • Clear your browser’s cache and cookies often.
  • It’s better not to use autofill for your passwords.
  • Only trust emails from LECOM Health Connect’s official email addresses.
  • Don’t share personal info unless you’re sure it’s a LECOM Health Connect staff member.
  • Be cautious with the mobile app, and don’t save your login info on your phone.
  • Use security apps to protect your phone apps.
  • Encrypt your phone for extra safety.
  • Avoid using unsecured Wi-Fi on your phone or tablet.

Can I schedule appointments through the portal? 

Yes, this is provided for some services at the Achievement Center of LECOM Health, Corry Counseling of LECOM Health, or LECOM Institute for Behavioral Health. If your provider is not part of these groups, you need to contact their office directly.

Can I ask for medicine refills through the portal? 

Not right now, but that feature will be available soon!

Can I get notifications on my phone from the portal? 

Yes, if you use the mobile app, you can choose to get notifications when there’s new information. These alerts won’t have any private health details.

Can I use my fingerprint or a passcode to log in to the app? 

Yes, if you have an Apple device, you can use a four-digit passcode or your fingerprint instead of your ID and password to log in. This works on Apple devices with iOS version 7 or higher, and you need a passcode to use the Apple Watch.

How can I confirm or cancel my/my child’s appointment through LECOM Health Connect? – You can confirm or cancel your appointment through the LECOM Health Connect Portal. To confirm or cancel through the portal, click on “Confirm Attendance” through the email provided to confirm or click on “cancel this appointment” through the email provided.

Unfortunately, you cannot cancel via text or by using an automated option from the phone reminder call. However, our software team is working on enhancing this feature to include phone and text messages.

How often will I get a reminder? 

You will receive a reminder 1 week before you/your child’s appointment, 24 hours before the appointment and again 2 hours before the appointment.

Will I get a reminder if I do not have an email in the system?

No. You must give the agency an email to receive reminders. Please call us at (814) 923-9236 to provide your email for reminders.

Can reminders be sent to two email addresses? 

No. Only one email can be used for reminders. However, reminders can be sent to up to 10 phone numbers.

What about Credible?

If you have previously been registered for the Achievement Center Credible portal, it is still available.  You can continue to view your diagnosis, medications, treatment plans, and Early Intervention Services from that site. LECOM Health Connect acts more of a method for service delivery while the original portal contains more of your medical information. If you have questions or are interested in accessing both portals, please contact your clinician.

What if I need help with LECOM Health Connect?

If it is at the time of your appointment, please contact your provider directly.

For all other needs, contact LECOM Health Connect Support: Monday-Friday during normal business hours at (814) 923-9236 or support@lecombh.org

You can also use the Client Support Forum on the LECOM Health Connect portal (both online and in the app)

If we are not available, someone will respond within 24 hours to your request.