Reading and Math Assessments

Reading NOW focuses on administering specific diagnostic assessments to determine what skills students need, followed by customized tutoring and instruction, geared towards meeting each individual students’ needs as a reader.Students are administered diagnostic assessments to determine reading or math instructional needs, and a detailed tutoring plan is developed to address the student’s needs.

We use many different reading assessments here. We choose which tests to administer based on the child’s grade level. The reading assessments we use include: Advanced and Beginning Decoding Survey, Diagnostic Assessment of Reading (DAR), Dictated Sentences, Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA), Emergent Reading Behaviors Inventory, Fountas & Pinnell, Fry High-Frequency Word List, Phonological Skills Awareness Test (PAST), Primary, Elementary, and Upper Spelling Inventories, Yopp-Singer Test of Phoneme Segmentation, and Writing Samples.

The math assessment that we use is the KeyMath 3 Diagnostic Assessment. It is a comprehensive, norm-referenced measure of essential mathematical concepts and skills. It assesses areas such as numeration, algebra, geometry, data analysis and probability, mental computation and estimation, addition and subtraction, and problem solving. This assessment can be administered to students at all grade levels. The questions are arranged in order of increasing difficulty so that the examiner can easily administer only those items that are appropriate for the particular student’s level.

After completion of the diagnostic assessment, we write a detailed, personalized summary report and hold a conference with you! This summary report shares scores, reading levels and areas determined as strengths and needs of your child in reading, math or both. The report also provides instructional goals and recommendations for specific strategies and activities to do with your child. It can be shared with the schools to refine focus on the areas of instruction your child needs.