Client Experience: Reading NOW Tutoring

A client testimonial on the services their child received from the Achievement Center of LECOM Health.

Name of Child: Audrianna Kufner

Parents: Mark & Carol Kufner

Services Received: Reading Tutoring

1. What were the challenges you were experiencing with your child before you began services at the Achievement Center of LECOM Health?

Audrianna had suffered a concussion where in she was experiencing some short-term memory loss. She was reading at a lower grade level and having difficulty comprehending what she was reading. It was difficult getting her to read because she “hated reading.”

2. How did your child become a client? Did a physician, friend, or your school recommend you contact us?

Audrianna became a client through the recommendation of a former parent whose child received assistance through the Achievement Center of LECOM Health.

3. What were you feeling as a parent/caregiver when you began services at the agency?

After many unsuccessful attempts at getting help for Audrianna due to the after affects of her concussion and her short-term memory loss, we were unbelievably grateful and hopeful that she would finally be able to receive the help she so desperately needed.

4. How long did your child receive services? What progress did your child make throughout services?

Audrianna received seven weeks of tutoring. The progress she has made is amazing! She enjoys reading, she understands what she is reading, and she is able to remember more of what she is reading. More importantly, we believe, is her self-confidence has significantly increased, which we believe is why she actually “wants” to read more and is excited about reading.

5. How have the services impacted your life today?

The services through the Achievement Center of LECOM Health and their amazing staff have definitely change our lives for the better! The greatest being our daughter is loving to read and we don’t have to hear her saying how “stupid” she is because she wasn’t able to read at grade level, comprehend what she was reading and remember it. It was so heartbreaking hearing her say these words and being so upset. Now, she’s looking forward to and very excited about Camp Read-A-Lot and the Achievement Center of LECOM Health.