Employee Spotlight: Stacey Piper

Nicole Wells nominated Stacey Piper for her outstanding work!

Stacey Piper is the Accounting Assistant at the Erie Office and was nominated by Nicole Wells as an outstanding employee! Below, you will find Nicole’s responses as to why she nominated Stacey, what she means to our team, and how she lives the mission of our agency.

  • Why are you nominating this employee?
  • What does this employee mean to the team?
  • How does this employee live the Agency’s mission?

Stacey is a pleasure to work with. She is fast, effective and caring. She is professional and always willing to work collaboratively. Stacy is friendly and never complains even when you present her with a last minute need.

Without Stacey, the System of Care (SOC) initiative would not run as smoothly. She meets deadlines and tracks spending to a “T”. Her assistance in booking hotels and travel arrangements and will even make herself available later in the day to ensure ease of check in for staff who are traveling.

Keeping things moving smoothly allows our staff to serve clients and their families in a barrier-free way.

Stacey is a pleasure to work with! 🙂