Importance of Self Care at the AC

The Family Based Mental Health department strives to provide quality treatment to the clients and families we serve.

We help strengthen and keep families together by helping them learn new problem-solving skills and improving coping skills for all family members. Therapist teams teach parenting skills and new ways to effectively manage a child’s behavior, while strengthening the relationships within the family system. We also assist families in connecting with other needed resources and services.

At times, the work we do is difficult, which is why we place such a large emphasis on therapists consistently using self-care. Self-care is a skill that we teach clients, and model it by practicing regularly. Our therapists share many personal self-care techniques that they utilize: yoga, reading, walking, working out, spending time with family, watching TV, listening to music, playing sports, cooking, and meditation. In order for the department to continue to provide quality services, therapists remain energized and motivated by consistently providing themselves with self-care.


Photos below show the FBMH department doing yoga and meditation at our 2018 staff retreat.