Client Experience: FBMH Family

Below is a client testimonial of a child and their parents who currently receive services from our Family Based Mental Health program.

The following are questions and responses from a family who is receiving services at the Achievement Center of LECOM Health:

  • What were the challenges you were experiencing with your child before you began services at the Achievement Center of LECOM Health?
  • How did your child become a client? Did a physician, friend or your school recommend you contact us?
  • What were you feeling as a parent/caregiver when you began services at the agency?
  • How long did your child receive services? What progress did you child make throughout services?

“Abby was struggling with suicidal thoughts and self-harming before getting services from the Achievement Center of LECOM Health. She was depressed and could not accept any direction from us.  Abby had a difficult time dealing with being adopted and her low self-esteem. She was also unable to be respectful to us and was extremely isolated from the family.” –Kevin and Sherry

“Abigail was referred to the Achievement Center of LECOM Health from the Millcreek Community Hospital. She was suicidal and self-harmed, which made her get admitted for a week. Once she was discharged, she was referred to FBMH.” –Kevin and Sherry

“We were nervous of what would come from family therapy, allowing people to come into our house, and getting to know someone new. After we started working with you guys, we felt happy to have someone to help us. Before the hospital and FBMH, we could not find any services because of insurance so we were relieved once we finally had support.  After doing hard work with FBMH, we discussed many difficult family issues that we were not able to deal with before.” -Sherry (Mom)

“We have received FBMH services for 3 months.  Abby has made progress and has not been harming herself. She is happier, nicer, polite, and has returned to the kid we knew when she was young. We have made great progress overcoming problems that we should have dealt with a long time ago. Many of our family and relationship issues have improved and we are a happier family.” –Sherry, Kevin & Abby