New Community School Partnership: Elk Valley Elementary

As proud current partners of the Community Schools initiative in Erie County, the Achievement Center of LECOM Health is pleased to expand our involvement through being selected as the lead partner at Elk Valley Elementary School in Girard School District.

Recently, United Way announced their funding priorities for the 2018-2019 school year, listing the Achievement Center of LECOM Health in four different areas. United Way is investing $3.2 million into community schools for this school year, with a combined $228,400 earmarked for the Achievement Center of LECOM Health through our involvement in Edison Elementary, Elk Valley Elementary, Behavior Support Services, and Mental Health Liaison Services.

“The investments we make must be as strategic as possible, because United Way funding will not effect change alone. Our role is much more than just a funder now. United Way is the backbone organization leading the collective impact efforts of multiple resources to reverse the high level of poverty in Erie County. When United Way funding is leveraged and aligned appropriately with other community initiatives and funding streams, we maximize impact,” said United Way of Erie County president Bill Jackson.

United Way’s role as the “backbone” in collective impact is to: guide vision and strategy; support aligned activities; establish shared measurement practices; build public will; advance policy; and mobilize funding. It provides the support and coordination that transform collaboration into collective

The Achievement Center of LECOM Health looks forward to serving additional community members this year to help make a difference in children and their family’s lives!