Employee Spotlight: Mary Kittell

Mary Kittell is an employee at our Warren office location and was nominated by Tara McQuaid as an outstanding team member!

Below, you will find Tara’s responses as to why she nominated Mary, what she means to our team, and how she lives the mission of our agency.

  • Why are you nominating this employee?
  • What does this employee mean to the team?
  • How does this employee live the Agency’s mission?

Mary has been a pillar of the Achievement Center of LECOM Health in the Warren office since 2005.  She experienced the creation of this satellite location and has also been a part of the move from Market Street to our home now on State Street.  Mary goes “Above and Beyond” every day to promote the Achievement Center of LECOM Health and to support the staff who work to carry out the agency’s mission.

Mary supports the three programs that are housed in the Warren office to include Psychological Evaluations, FBMH, and BHRS.  She also is a member of the Safety Committee and attends the Warren State Hospital Tenant meetings.  Mary is the glue that holds the office together.  The departments rely on her to execute the day-to-day tasks to keep the office running smoothly and authorizations current.  More importantly, Mary is often the first person at the agency the families have contact with.  She is the consistent person at the office that the families, staff, and community depend on.

For every service that is completed at the Achievement Center of LECOM Health there is a lot of behind the scenes work that needs completed to live out the agency’s mission to maximize the potential of children.  Mary ensures that the families have a point person to rely on at the office. She completes authorization information and clerical duties, and supports all of the staff to provide the direct care to the clients and families.  Mary regularly volunteers for community events to promote the agency and to meet children and families in the community.

We are very proud to have Mary as a member of the Achievement Center of LECOM Health and Warren Team since 2005.  Thank you for your service and for supporting the children, families, and staff in all the Warren programs.