Achievement Center of LECOM Health Employee Anniversaries

Congratulations to many of our employees who are celebrating milestone anniversaries!

Celebrating 5 years of service in 2017:

Amber Cooke – Behavior Specialist Consultant/TSS
Cassie Dundon – Chief Compliance & Planning Officer
Caitlin Lovey – CSBBH Supervisor
Jaime Nick – Physical Therapist
Tamara Nowosielski – Therapeutic Staff Support
Celia Portenier – Behavior Analytic Services Manager
Susan Reslink – Behavior Specialist Consultant
Robin Taylor – Mental Health Therapist
Janet Walker – Blended Case Manager
Jennifer Zazado – FBMH Worker Certified
Catherine Zona – Behavior Specialist Consultant

Celebrating 10 years of service in 2017:

Virginia Buchman – Therapeutic Staff Support
Bob Gulick – Chief Behavior Analytic Officer
Yelana Lindenmuth – Mental Health Services Manager
Clara Olsen – Behavior Specialist Consultant/MT
Christine Richards – Client Billing Supervisor
Kim Sanders – Occupational Therapist
Mary Margaret Torrance – Therapeutic Activities Coach
Constance Zaffino – Mobile Therapist

Celebrating 15 & 20 years of service in 2017:

Mary Szpara – Speech Language Pathologist 15 years
Krista Stauffer – Occupational Therapist 20 years
Melinda Ostermann – Specialized Instruction 20 years

Thanks for all you do for the children and families served by the Achievement Center of LECOM Health!